15 June 2014

Kids on the field (11 Jun 2014)

Sketching from 12-2pm when the sun is at the top is quite challenging. Thank goodness there's a water cooler at the shelter nearby.

For this sketch, I was trying to convey the scale of the small kids to the place.

This sketch was drawn on the Fabriano Artistico 300GSM watercolour paper that I'm now trying. I really love the paper. It's the coldpress surface has a nice grain texture on it. Works well with pen and ink, and the 100% is not too dry, absorbs water well. The white surface also brings out the colours.

I'm still using Kremer Pigments and the colours are Perm Yellow Medium, Irgazine Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue Deep, Phthalo Green Dark and Raw Sienna.

I'm loving the Cobalt Blue Deep and Raw Sienna mixture which gives a nice neutral, but the mixture can't go very dark. The dark darks are from two powerful staining colours Ruby Red and Phthalo Green.

On hindsight, I should have mixed the yellow with a bit more blue. The yellow seems out of place now.

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