17 June 2014

The Line to Esplanade

The Esplanade in Singapore is probably the most challenging building to draw for me. I find it difficult to interpret the spiky thorns.

I was trying to use the parapet to guide the eye to the Esplanade. I guess it sort of works, except I forgot to keep the highlights for the building so now there's really no focal point -- you won't even know which is the Esplanade -- it's that building with curves by the top right. Well, every painting you make, you learn something.

Materials: Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 300GSM, Kremer Pigments.


  1. You're so humble about your work. I'll tell you what I see. In your sketch you absolutely nailed the values. Your darks are wonderfully rich and powerful. Great sketch!

    1. Thanks.

      Sometimes I find it helpful to write down observations on what can be improved, so that I can look back and remember them.