23 October 2014

Homemade smooth yellow paper sketchbook

Carrying thick sketchbooks in my bag usually strains my shoulders. And I find that I only use up 2-3 pages during an outing. So I started making my own A5 sketchbooks with less paper. They are small enough to put in my bag and also light. I also wanted good paper. So I would go to the paper suppliers and try to find the most suitable papers for drawing. Then I would staple bind them and put it through my trimming machine at home.

My latest sketchbook uses 200gsm yellow paper. It's called Vellum. This time, I wanted a paper that was smooth enough for pencils and also able to take watercolour washes. Take note that this is not watercolour paper so don't expect watercolour paper qualities. But it can take light washes as you can see if my drawings. The paper is also thick enough so it does not buckle much. The yellow paper also gives a nice overall warmer tone to your drawings.

I use fountain pens a lot and I've noticed that this paper takes 95% of all my fountain pen inks without feathering. 

Because it is not bumpy like some watercolour paper, pencils and colour pencils has a nice feel when drawing on it. Great for blending or smudging using your fingers. The paper also feels great for ballpoint pens.

The size is about 14.5cmx20.5cm. You get 36 pages or 200gsm paper plus the brown paper cover. It is priced at $3. I will be handing these out at the end of the Urbansketchers official sketchwalk on 25th Oct 2014 at 12:15pm.

Only a maximum of 20 sketchbooks will be made this time. If you want me to make you one for this saturday, please leave your name under the comments section in the facebook post. 

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