25 January 2015


For the first official sketchwalk of the year, we are going to do something special! We're going to do an Island-wide sketchwalk! The reason is because we want all of you to capture sketches for the upcoming Urbansketchers Singapore Vol.2 book. And all sketches need to be compiled by February! Very soon!

Let me tell you a bit more about the vol.2 book. It is a team-up with the National Library's Singapore Memory Project. So the focus of the book this round are sketches of places that have special meaning to you and your personal stories behind the places. In the book, your sketch and story will be displayed something like this: 

Got it?

Sketch can be landscape or portrait. We will adjust the layout.


We all have places in Singapore that are meaningful to us. It may be your old school, the neighbourhood playground where you used to play with your friends,  the place you got married, the shopping centre your parents used to take you to, where you used to hang out in your teenage years, or where something very happy or sad or important happened to you. We all have different locations in mind. So we can't all go to the same place. Therefore, this month, we splitting into mini groups.

You may form your own mini-group, do a solo, or join one of the mini groups that have been set up already (if your meaningful location is very close to theirs). To join a mini group listed below, simply show up at 4pm at the location stated. Call the mini group leader only if you are lost. No sign up or fees necessary. They are all friendly so make friends with them:) 

Name: Ignatius
Place/s you want to go: Tiong Bahru
Meeting point: Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Ground level next to the escalator. 4pm.
Time: 4-7pm 

Name: Tony Chua
Place/s you want to go: In vinicity area of Telok Kurau till Still Road.
Meeting Point: Penny University, Artisanal Coffeeshop, 402, East Coast. Just outside the main entrance. 4pm.
Time: 4- 7pm 

Name:  David Liew
Place/s you want to go: Holland Village / Chip Bee Estate 
Meeting point:  Holland V MRT (in front of Old Chang Kee) 4pm.
Time: 4-7pm

Name:  Don Low
Place/s you want to go: Race Course Road
Meeting point:  Farrer MRT Station Control at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Place/s you want to go: About Street 11, Pasir Ris
Meeting point:  Pasir Ris MRT station counter at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Name: Francis Theo
Place/s you want to go: Tras St and Peck Seah St area
Meeting point: Tanjong Pager MRT station counter at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Name: Ban Pang
Place/s you want to go: Kampong on mainland Singapore, Kampong Buangkok
Meeting point: Meet at Shell Station next to Gerald Dr. at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Name: Lim Ham Seng and Dawn Lo
Place/s you want to go: Sunset Way Park Connector
Meeting point: Blk 308 Coffee Shop Clementi Ave 4 at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Place/s you want to go: Prinsep St and Waterloo St Vacinity
Meeting point: Outside Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Name: Andrew Tan Tsun Wen
Place/s you want to go: Serene Centre along bukit timah road. And then take a bus to Bukit Timah Plaza.
Meeting point: MacDonalds at Serene Centre at 4pm
Time: 4-7pm

Name: Kevin Tan
Place/s you want to go: Chinatown
Meeting Point: Smith St cross junction
Time: 4-7pm

Name : Andrew yeo kh 
Place/s you want to go: Tanglin Halt Road area 
Meeting point : Commonwealth MRT station control at 4pm 
Time: 4-7 pm

Name: Alice Lim
Place/s you want to go: Dakota crescent 
Meeting point: Tian Kee and Co.

Name: Geraldine
Location: SUTD campus, 8 Somapah Drive (Expo Station) 
Meeting Point: Campus centre (near drop off point)
Time: 10am-1pm (NOTE SPECIAL TIMING)

If none of the above locations appeal to you, you can form your own mini-group! And you can do it informally with your own friends. If you'd like to list your mini-group here, please Facebook PM me, Andrew Tan Tsun Wen. The group can start at any time during the day. Please send me the details in this format before thursday midnight :
Phone number: 
Place/s you want to go: 
Meeting Point: 

By the way, even if you not intending to contribute to the book, you are can still tag along and draw for fun.


It will be an online Facebook "show and tell" this time. Between 7-8pm, you are encouraged to post your drawings you have done that day! You could also informally meet with other mini-groups for dinner!


No hurry on this. Go sketch your meaningful sketch location. Let the location jog your memory. Then go home and type it up. Keep the story short. 1 or 2 paragraphs will do. Do not write pages and pages as we will not have enough room in the book. Of course, if it is a great story, write a bit more.

Don't worry if you feel you aren't a good story writer. We just want you to write from the heart as if you are writing in your own diary. Simple and heartfelt. And we will help you edit any spelling mistakes or grammer errors. To help you write a simple short story, follow this rough guideline (you don't have to use every question. This is just to help you think) :

1. What is this place you drew?
2. What do/did you see, hear, smell here? 
3. What happened to you here that makes this place special to you?
4. How has it changed?
5. How did it make you feel then? And now?


We are still sorting out the best way you can submit your sketch & story. For the time being, find a scanner and scan your work at 600dpi, RGB, and saved as in the .jpg format. Make sure the sketch is clear.

For stories, save it as a .doc file or .txt file.

Ideally, we will want to include everyone who submits. But the editorial team will have the right to select and reject submissions based on quality and suitability.

Just to be clear, all sketches need to be drawn on location in Singapore. Not from photographs.

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