15 March 2015

Hanoi Vietnam travelogue sketchbook (Mar 2015)

Here's my travelogue sketchbook of Hanoi, Vietnam. I spent one week there walking around, sketching. It was fun.

Apparently the best time to travel to Hanoi, as I'm told by a hotel manager, is in October. It was drizzling for a few days and their drizzle is really fine mist-type drizzle. It's quite humid also. All the lines were drawn on location, and a handful were coloured back at the hotel with the help of the convenient hair-dryer.

Hanoi is really quite an interesting city. It's a bit disorderly but it has its charm. Hotels are surprisingly nice even though you won't be able to tell by the clutter of the streets.

I'll be making an ebook of my sketches with travel and drawing tips which should be out in May. But first, you can preview the pages above. I managed to use 57 out of the 60-page sketchbook I brought.

- Parka

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