18 October 2015

Singapore River beside Elgin Bridge

The National Heritage Board of Singapore has just recently released a new Heritage Trail for Singapore River. A Heritage Trail has markers (signboards) along the route to highlight the historical memory of the place. It's difficult to imagine how life was like back then when we look at the current urban landscape. The best thing about the route is you can learn interesting things about the places, such as how people use the place in the past.

Yesterday, I went walking along parts of the Singapore River Trail and stopped beside Elgin Bridge for the sketch.

Elgin Bridge stands on the site of the first bridge that was built across the Singapore River in 1819. Other former bridges on this location include the 1823 Jackson Bridge and Thomson Bridge from 1844. The bridge was continually upgraded to cope with rising traffic levels. The original Elgin Bridge, completed in 1862, was named after Lord Elgin, Viceroy of India. The present structure was built in 1929.

Below's the timelapse video of my sketch:

- Parka

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