10 December 2015

Sketching at National Gallery Singapore

We have a new museum here in Singapore and it's called the National Gallery Singapore. It actually consists of two buildings, the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall.

I've never been into City Hall before and I've only been into the former Supreme Court once. That was also the first day I joined Urban Sketchers Singapore so I'll never forget that.

The renovation that has been done to restore the two old buildings is amazing. It's a total makeover essentially, especially for the former Supreme Court. Everything is so clean and pristine.

The Rotunda (above) that used house the library is now being covered up. The two buildings are fitted with air conditioning and it's just so spacious and comfortable to walk around. The paintings featured are mainly from Southeast Asia so that's something new to me as I'm more familiar with western and European art.

On 5 & 6 of December, Urban Sketchers Singapore were invited to organise two sketchwalks for the public. The videos below are from the two days.

- Parka

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  1. The National Gallery is one of my new favorite places in Singapore! Such a great addition to a great city, and just another thing that makes me so glad I moved here to work for a home tuition agency. I don't think I'll ever want to leave.