28 February 2016

Rochor Centre sketches (Feb 2016)

Rocher Centre is definitely one of the more distinctive residential estates in Singapore. The government just do not build them like this anymore.

I really like the idea that the void deck is raised. The shops are on levels 1 to 3 and community area is on the 4th. I believe this is quite similar to how some apartments in Hong Kong are built, by mixing residential and commercial into the same building. And it's really convenient for the residents as well when you don't have to travel far to get your groceries or eat out.

Other residential flats in Singapore are strictly residential. Sure there usually is a neighbourhood centre where the shops are, or a shopping mall, but the demarcation is very clear, to the point that it can be boring at times.

The sketch above was drawn from the 4th storey void deck. The blocks are all painted in different lively colours in real life.

This was drawn from the green block level 16 looking towards Sim Lim Tower. Rochor Centre will be torn down in 2016 to make way for the building of North-South Expressway.

This was drawn from the red block level 16 looking towards Bugis Junction, and further in the back Marina Bay Sands.

Video of the sketchwalk shot in 4K

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  1. This are great sketches! How abt sketching schools too?