06 April 2017

Sketching Shophouses

Shophouses are my favourite sketching and painting subjects. The key reason, they are part of Singapore's historical heritage. Preservation of shophouses has been carried out since the 80s but a large portion of these shophouses were demolished due to safety factor and urban development. It is our "duty" as a sketcher to preserve our heritage and our history by visually documenting things that face the possibility of disappearance one day.  Besides it is a joy to sketch these buildings as each location offers a different sentiment, sensibility and architectural flavour that links our present to the past. 
Little India
Emerald Hill Road
Kampong Glam
These are some sketches and drawings done on location from different locations. Before I sketch or paint, I would identify the medium and technique that best suits the flavour of the place or even the story that I want to tell. Most were done quickly and the spontaneity of the response provides a result that is less constructed and planned. I seldom repeat what has been used before but would explore different approaches in each visit. I could draw the same building from the same angle with different results. Thats the fun and joy I derived from urban-sketching.

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