08 October 2010


There’s something about sketching with a group of people who impart the same passion as you. People who might not be on the same field of work as you, but share that bond that artists (professional and hobbyist alike) have with their peers. Maybe it’s the excitement of sharing techniques, or exploring other artist’s work and style. Maybe it’s the smell of new crisp drawing paper, or the flapping pages of sketchbooks around, or the hues of watercolors and other art mediums. The gentle squeaks of fountain pens and drawing pens scrubbing into paper turning ink into forms, wet brushes gentle and gracefully dancing, splashing on raw blank sheet, forming shapes and consequently metamorphosing into a representation of an object from a single person’s vantage point. An artist’s poignant illustrative manifestation, and his own interpretation of a structure, a scene or a life form—materializing into a different appearance. And the sketch itself becomes one’s own signature. A window to something that sometimes some people (especially artists) struggle to say in words but so freely expressing on ink- blotted, colour- stained doodles and artworks. The only instance in which other people can take a peep into one’s soul. An intimate revelation of your own personality in visual manner. Putting across what you feel, for a moment— in pigment and tint— immortalized into a blank sheet of paper… A graphic diary of a moment, buried, but forever encapsulated within the volumes of our ol’ trusty sketchbooks.