20 November 2010

Heritage Hunter @ Tiong Bahru

We were all reminding everybody to see it on TV. We were also asking anyone who could record the show too. We missed the days when we could just insert a tape into the VCR to record anything we want. Now with the advance in technology we couldn't even record something from TV no more. Sigh*
Anyway that aside, we are thrilled to see our artworks featured in the show! I wished they did not shoot a close up on my big head, but I like how the producer led the story from Tiong Bahru market to a sketch of mine of the people eating at the food court. And I thought the storytelling is great and the editing is pretty tight too. :P

Here's an excerpt of the show recorded with a camera mounted on a tripod stretched to reach the height of the TV. I call it the "old school way of pirating a movie".

Show produced by-- Sitting in Pictures
Website: http://www.sittinginpictures.com
Starring: Linda Black
Written By: Catherine Lim/ Vincent Fong
Directed by: Vincent Fong/ Catherine Lim

Aired by MediaCorp Channel News Asia