20 November 2010

Sketching at Buona Vista

Wet markets are markets where you can buy fresh produce; namely fresh fishes, vegetables, fruits and even flowers. The above is one of the stall in a wet market at Holland Avenue, Singapore.

After I dropped my wife at the Civil Service College, I drove to a nearby hawker center for coffee and breakfast. There is a wet market just 1-2 mins away so I decided to sketch something there. I have not tried sketching one here in Singapore yet. This is a stall selling fresh vegetables. But something funny happened.

The stall keepers somehow noticed my presence and become very wary of me. I don't really understand why until a lady came over and asked me whether I was a health inspector. I smiled and said no. She did not believe me even when I showed her my sketchbook and told her that I was merely sketching the stall. She continued on to say that the stall keeper did not mean to over used the stall space and pleaded for him. I kept repeating that I was just sketching and sat down to sketch, just to prove my "innocence". LOL!!

Soon after they were then relieved to see that I was actually really sketching.
At the end, I decided not to take any pictures for fear that they might get worried again. :D

What a great day!!

Sketching at a wet market