20 February 2011

ArtScience Museum

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ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
This is the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. I was there at the opening yesterday, 19 Feb 2011. The scale of the museum is majestic I think because a huge part of it is in the air (sort of). The lotus pool below is pretty cool as well.

Tickets are quite pricey if you ask me.

Adult - $30.00
Senior (65 years +) - $27.00
Child (2 - 12 years) - $17.00
School Group* - $10.00
Group Sales* - $24.50

OCBC card holders get an additional 20% off.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
There are actually 3 levels of galleries.

The galleries above ground go around the elevator shaft. They have one side of the wall which is tilted because of the exterior.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
There was quite a healthy crowd at the Genghis Khan exhibit. The lady in the picture was almost leaning onto Genghis Khan (I'm sure he won't mind) but unfortunately the pose was quick and I wasn't quick enough to capture an image in my mind.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
The Ger is where Mongolians chill out. The walls are made of intersecting pieces of wood. The roof is put on later. Some waterproof material is added and finally everything is covered with wool (made from sheep) for insulation.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
Genghis Khan's armies were 100% cavalry forces. I drew the head for this horse too small as I was running out of paper space.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
A live performance reenacting entertainment enjoyed in The Capital. The music is great. The guy playing the Morin Khuur, also know as 'horse-head fiddle' is pretty good. I'm not sure if the Morin Khuur sounds more like violin or the Chinese string er-hu.

I should have drawn the performers in more detail. Their costumes are exquisite.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
Some of the weapons used my the army.

ArtScience Museum (19 Feb 2011)
This is another exhibit 'Traveling the Silk Road' at the basement. It collects the artifacts and goods carried by traders who use the Silk Road in the past.

The last exhibit is the 'Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds' which features mainly ceramics uncovered from the shipwreck near Indonesia's Belitung Island in 1998.

What's on display are mainly bowls, vases, more bowls and more vases.

It's an interesting exhibit but it's pricey. So it should appeal more to those who likes to visit exhibits.