18 February 2011

We are on Discovery Channel!!!

Discovery Channel featured Urban Sketchers Singapore sketching at City Hall and Supreme Court in Oct 2010 and it was first broadcast in late Dec 2010 with repeats in Jan and Feb 2011 under one of the series called "Living Cities". Dr Yeo, the historian featured in there was my friend. I managed to use the iPhone to take segment on Urban Sketchers directly from the TV so the sound quality is not ideal.

Discovery Channel coined Urban Sketchers as a "worldwide fraternity of sketchers" at 1:00 followed by a short interview with me. They called me "Urban Sketcher" at 1:12 and again I rushed and frown a lot due to the hot weather. The funny thing was that I was not sketching these two heritage buildings but I was sketching the cityscape from the steps of the City Hall which I posted earlier here. However, I did have a quick sketch of two classic windows inside one of the courtyards of the Supreme Court here.