14 October 2011

Three metro stops apart

Singapore Little India
Last week I visited Singapore on a business trip. I am René Fijten, an architect from the Netherlands, and am involved in a project on Jurong Island.
I loved Singapore, such a beautiful, well kept city - for what I saw.
Unfortunately it was a very short trip, from Tuesday morning to Thursday evening, and filled with meetings and site visits. But I still found the time to make a few sketches. They were drawn on location, but due to lack of time painted in my hotel room or on the plane back home.
Above a night scene at a corner on Dunlop street (I think), somewhere in Little India. Very colourfull and full of lights, they were preparing for the Deepavali festivities.
And below a scene of the Marina bay building. Of course the drawing does not come close to the fantastic reality with all these bright shining lights across the water. I was totally stunned by the view!
Hard to imagine that these two scenes were only a few metro stops apart!