12 October 2011

Urban Sketchers Singapore - Kudos!

Just want to say thank you all for being such an inspiration!! With the new book coming, Urban Sketching has entered a new era, and sketching (or plein air) has been re-discovered with a burning passion, to explore Singapore with a new eye. Sketching has never been the same now. It used to be a lonely process, but with the growth of sketchers, both in quantity and quality, sketching has as well become an art and a social activity, where artists come together to share their work, knowledge and experiences. The competition is a healthy one, in which everyone is pushing to learn more from another fellow sketcher, and to constantly inspire and aspire. Whether a sketcher is a veteran sketcher or a beginner, there is always something to learn from each other. No one is better or worse. The group is a vibrant concoction of passion, creativity and inspiration. Keep up with the fantastic work guys!!

Sketches done at the Malay Village Museum.