25 April 2013


Here is the plan for this saturday's sketchwalk:

At 9.30AM, We will meet outside the Toastbox at Junction 8 (just outside the Bishan MRT station).
We will draw around the Bishan central area. You can draw the Junction 8 shopping mall, the bus interchange there and the Bishan library with its cubby holes.

At 1030AM, let's start to fan out in the general direction of Bishan Park (See map below). Feel free to form your own small groups and form your own trails through the neighbourhood. You are encouraged to spread out and not cluster together so much. If not, everyone will be drawing the same thing. Explore freely.

From 1030 - 1230PM, take your time to explore and sketch Bishan Park which has been renovated. See the site here: Bishan Park.

At 1230AM sharp, let's meet outside the McDonald's at Bishan Park, circled in the map. We will find an open space there to view all our sketches there and end the sketchwalk.

This is just a recommended time plan. If you'd like to head to Bishan Park earlier because you are tired of drawing HDB flats, please go ahead.

If there happens to be a thunderstorm on that day, we will stick to drawing around junction 8 and the areas around.

If you are in Singapore, your are invited to join us. No joining fee or attendance. Just bring your drawing tools, paper and show up. Travel light.

If you get lost, please call 91070735. But please only call if you are seriously lost so that I won't need to keep answering my phone when I'm sketching. We will not be deviating from this mapped out route. So if you are late, please find us along this route. Thanks!:)

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