27 April 2013

Sketches from the sketchwalk at Bishan today

Sailor Pro Gear fine nib with Lamy black ink + gouache and watercolour. The filbert brush I used today holds less water and creates a more pastey effect when I paint with it. And I do like that effect. It's easier to control the paint. My pen ink wasn't waterproof. But then I didn't use that much water so it didn't bleed much.

Hunt 102 in an Ackerman pump pen + watercolour.

This might be one of the nicest parks in Singapore that I've been to. Hunt 102 in an Ackerman pump pen with Pelikan Brilliant Black (semi-waterproof ink) + watercolour. I love how thin the lines go for the hunt 102. Catches a little on my bumpy paper. But a delight to draw with.

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