21 May 2013

Result of April sketchwalk at Bishan

130427_Bishan1 130427_Bishan2

A long overdue post.

Everyone loves the park although it was hot and humid at 12.30pm. By the time Andrew and I arrived at the park, I did a quick third piece with just a few strokes and simple washes. The format was long at 160mm X 300mm. The first piece on top left was done at Bishan Block 513 near Junction 8. You can see CPF Bishan Branch at the back. Andrew and I were sitting and chatting and we both did opposite view. He was sketching the Bus Interchange view. Second smaller piece was located at the junction of MRT Train Depot and Bishan Park when Andrew and I walked from Junction 8 to Bishan Park. There were three MRT tracks at this view on the left and they formed a very powerful visual lines in composition.

Size : 160mm x 160mm (1st and 2nd pieces)
Size : 160mm x 300mm (3rd piece)
Media : ink and wash