13 May 2013

Sketches done in Mixed Ink

Mache Restaurant at 313 Somerset
Try out mixed Calli Blue and Calli Green Ink 

Emerald Hill Road
Sketched this on used parking coupon. I joint 10 pieces of used parking coupon with masking tape on the reverse side of the coupons to create an accordion sketch pad. It easy to carry around and sketch.

A 3D view of the sketch. Size of sketch 220mmH X 850mmL

Capri Hotel Cafe at Changi City Point
Sketched with Mix Calli Blue and Calli Green Ink

Capri Hotel Lobby
The light fitting in the lobby is very interesting, Hexagon metal cutout in various sizes display at various height. There are also unique art pieces displayed in the lobby. 

A row of houses at Cairnhill Road.

Detail of House No 20 in Cairnhill Road.

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