02 July 2013

Clementi Ave 3 - from the kopitiam across the street

Clementi Ave 3 is a very busy crescent road that practically envelops the whole Clementi Central. It is always teeming with traffic, as it houses the Clementi Mall and bus interchange at one end, and NTUC at the other end. 

A few of us (Hand Seng, Ban Pang, Ben and myself) were gathered for a la kopi-cum-lunch session at the kopitiam opposite this scene. Needless to say, our chat became a mini sketch session. This coffee shop had recently been revamped, and they serve up pretty wide range of delightful local fares, among which the Lor Mee and Chap Cai Png are the most popular.

Great time indeed. Glad I got to capture this. =]

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