02 July 2013

Having problems with posting on the new dynamic view?

Did you know that you can post to Blogger via email? It's so much faster and smarter! Also known as Mail2Blogger, the built-in service lets you post text and images (up to 10 MB in size) directly to the blog.

First, get to the settings:
  1. Log into your Blogger account
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu 
  3. Select the "Mobile and email" option

Next, set up your unique email address:
  1. Scroll to the "Email" section, and look at the "Posting using email" section.
  2. Enter a secret word to create your posting email address. Here, I just used "meow", so the email address I created for myself is zaihanisme.meow@blogger.com
  3. Select the "Publish email immediately" option if you don't want to deal with logging in to post.
  4. Make sure to save.
And you're done! Simple, huh?

Now, try posting to the email address you just created. The email subject becomes the title of your post. Text and pictures will be uploaded as is. And now you can literally post on the go!

Blogger also lets you post via SMS/MMS as well as their mobile app. All these options mean you no longer have to be tethered to your desk to post to the blog. In fact I posted this using email.

Hope you find this useful!

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