26 March 2015


Sketch by Tia

For this month's sketchwalk, we want to celebrate Mr Lee Kuan Yew's life and what he's done for Singapore. So we will be sketching around the Padang and Esplanade on Saturday. From this area, you will be able to get a good view of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay. There will be much to explore, draw and reflect on around the area. The nearest train station is City Hall Mrt Station - a short walk over. (10mins)

Meet: 9AM  at the waterfront outside the Esplanade (See map below). After a short briefing, we will spread out and explore/sketch the area. Start at the Padang, and plan your route so that you eventually arrive back at the Esplanade's waterfront at 12PM

Endpoint: 12PM at the waterfront outside the Esplanade. We will do our show and tell there.

Might get hot. So bring a hat. If not, there will be trees for shade.

See you there!
Taken from Google Maps.

Lucky draw

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  1. Hi I'm at the meeting point but I can't see to locate the group. Is there anyone I should contact?

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